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Hair extensions that can just be clipped in are a perfect choice for easily adding volume, length and color to your hair. They can completely transform your appearance by giving you longer, more voluminous hair in just a few minutes. Therefore, no matter a professional or not, if you are looking for something to enhance the look of your hair without putting in a lot of effort, our Clip in Hair Extensions would be the best option for you.

Benefits that you get by choosing our product

  • Process of applying and removing is very easy and less time consuming.

  • They are attached using pressure sensitive clips, and hence, do not cause any kind of damage to your natural hair.

  • They are very economical.

  • They are temporary, and therefore, you can keep on experimenting with different hairstyles.

  • They blend in comfortably with your own hair.

  • They are comparatively low maintenance.

  • They are very light and small, and can easily remain hidden under your natural hair.

  • They come in various lengths, colors and textures and can be chosen according to an individual’s requirement.

Our assurance

The hair that we use is hand-picked and arranged in the same direction, so that all the cuticles face downwards and prevent tangling or matting. Also while making these extensions, Our Indian hair company use hair that is absolutely untreated and free from chemicals of any kind. And since, we use 100 unprocessed virgin indian hair you can also style them as your own hair using a variety of tools.

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Using our Clip in Hair Extensions, you can save a lot of time and money. Therefore, the next time you head out to a party or even to your office, just clip in these extensions, style them the way you want to and you will be good to go!

When you are seeking human hair supplies for your customers, check our portal of and be satisfied with our quality, resources, manufacturing and pricing before proceeding to have dealing with us. It will be assured that the hair products that you order from our stores, will have the mark of genuine products and your customer response will be better than ever before.