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Millions of people around the world remain unsatisfied with their hair throughout their life.Some suffer from hair loss, while for others this problem is hereditary. No matter how many medicines they take or how many treatments they try, hair growth remains one of their major concerns.

Thanks to our famous product, the Hand Tied Weft Hair, your days of worrying about your hair are over. In this type of hair weft, each strand of hair is sewed together by hands of highly skilled workers, which makes this exquisite.

Process involved in creating this hair weft

A hand tied weft hair consists of a seam that holds all of the hair strands together and is manually woven by human hands, giving attention to each and every weave. Unlike machine tied hair weft, this is created using more time to sew properly every strand, as attention to detail is the major objective. A lot of work goes into creating these products, giving a more finished and delicate product that gives you an undetectable look.

Advantages of choosing our product

  • It is significantly slimmer than the machine weft hair, which makes it very easy to hide.

  • The hair on this hand tied weft is more tightly attached to the seam. Hence, there are no chances of shredding.

  • These last longer than any of its counterparts.

  • They are much more flexible and easier to use.

  • They stick very closely to your scalp, making them look just like natural hair.

Our assurance

One important thing to keep in mind while using them is to keep them the way they are, that is, not to cut them. Otherwise they might unravel.

Therefore, whether you are a professional stylist or just a regular person, this hair weft which is made using a lot of hard work and skills, is the best possible alternative to real hair that you can get.

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