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Micro Weft Hair Extensions are also known as hair extensions, which are actually woven with original human hairs. These wefts extend the length of human hair. Wefts change the looks and appearance of a person and the changed appearance look quite realistic. We, at Hairexporters are best at providing best hair wefts for the people. We are the providers of the best quality hair wefts. Our Micro Thin Weft Hair is the best in the industry. We supply wefts of all styles and all these wefts are Micro thin, shinny, silky and smooth. These are all made up of natural hair.

Our exclusivity

Our Indian hair company offer women the scope of looking gorgeous. We provide them the opportunity of boasting their silky and attractive hair shaft in front of the world. Our Micro thin hair wefts are made of 100% natural hair. Our wefts come in all types of styles like, Mongolian, Indian, Malaysian, Brazilian etc. Our products can be customized as per our customers’ request. These ordered wefts are manufactured from our trusted sources. Our hair donors are extremely dependable and the hairs supplied by these donors are guaranteed to be virgin from the touch of chemical application or treatment. So, we provide the guarantee of beautiful stylist hair and that too at affordable price.

Micro Weft Hair Extensions Product feature

As already discussed we have the collection of all types of styles. Our hair styles are Mongolian, Malaysian, Indian, Brazilian etc. Our Micro thin weft hair is the best in the market and the range of options we offer is formidable. The options of pattern of these wefts are also huge, which include Raw Indian Curly Hair, straight hairs, blonde hairs, loop hairs etc. We also offer huge choices in terms of length of hair extensions and they are:

  • 6 Inches

  • 8 Inches

  • 10 Inches

  • 12 Inches

  • 14 Inches

  • 16 Inches

  • 18 Inches

  • 20 Inches

  • 22 Inches

  • 24 Inches

  • 26 Inches

  • 28 Inches

  • 30 Inches

Our assurance

We provide you the convenience of online ordering. We also offer you the assurance of prompt delivery. We have a certain return policy and it states that if our product does not match your expectation or our description, then we will accept your return but within 30 days of delivery.

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When you are seeking human hair supplies for your customers, check our portal of and be satisfied with our quality, resources, manufacturing and pricing before proceeding to have dealing with us. It will be assured that the hair products that you order from our stores, will have the mark of genuine products and your customer response will be better than ever before.